Ilchi Lee Education for Peace Peace for Humanity and the Universe

Ilchi Lee is famous for gaining success in developing effective training techniques for the body, mind, and spirit that includes Brain Education in Dahn Yoga. The purpose of Brain Education is to encourage each and every individual worldwide to learn to control their brains and how to use it with great responsibility in order to achieve their goals as well as improve their way of living. Aside from that, Ilchi Lee education for peace which is the prayer for peace was also one of his masterpieces that were well appreciated by lots of people from around the world.

Ilchi Lee created the prayer of peace because he wants to help all of the people living here on earth to attain a more peaceful life. This has been the one of his greatest achievements that inspired all of humankind. Prayer of peace was first introduced in the year 2000 at the United Nations Millennium World Peace Summit where thousands of both religious and spiritual leaders attended.

Ever since, the prayer of peace is considered to be one of the best ways to deliver a message to the people from all over the world. The main purpose of Ilchi Lee why he issued this kind of prayer is to unify everyone amidst their religion, races, and beliefs. This prayer also became the mantra of some people who wants to become citizens of the earth.

Citizens of the earth, meaning, people are living as one and not divided by their religion, races, and beliefs, these people who consider each other as one family. According to Ilchi Lee, we should treat each other as brothers and sisters no matter where we came from and what we look like. People should not let hatred, discrimination, and monstrosity divide them thus they should help one another and let peace reign over them in order to develop a good relationship with one another as well as develop a good relationship with God.

Ilchi Lee also stressed out that although people worship and believe in different Gods, behind that division, it still leads us to only one God. Ilchi Lee believed that the God of humanity is the one that is uniting each and every individual regardless of their religion. Also, he quoted that the world is only under one nation and that everyone who is living in it should learn to contribute in order to make it a happier, better, and peaceful place to live in.

Ilchi Lee’s prayer of peace was also used in 2011 during the celebration of New Year’s Eve where more than 2000 participants from all over the world came and promised to follow what the prayer is trying to teach them. The prayer of peace upholds the dedication and determination of Ilchi Lee in promoting peace and uniting people from all over the world and considering their selves as citizens of the earth.

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